Sending Mail To Time Warner CableRedaction Of Email Addresses

Redaction Of Email Addresses

Time Warner Cable is the High Speed Data service provided to its customers by Time Warner Cable. Our lawyers are of the opinion that we are required, by the provisions of the 1984 US Cable Privacy Act that speak to our customers' personally identifiable information, to remove our customers' email addresses from any and all feedback loop reports we send.

While we appreciate your frustration regarding this matter, it is the correct action to take to protect our customers. We encourage senders to use the Message-ID, X- headers, VERPs, or the body of the message itself to identify the customer who complained about your mail. We will pass along in the feedback loop reports everything about your mail exactly as we receive it from our customers and redacted every occurrence of our customers' email addresses (including in the body of the message).

The Cable Privacy Act can be found online at this URL:

If your mailing is not using Variable Envelope Return Paths (VERPs), you might want to read more about them here:

We're sorry, but we cannot offer you any encouragement that our policy here will change.